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Headsets for Arise

AriseArise Virtual Solutions Agents are required to use a hard-wired telephone with a compatible headset for production as well as a usb headset with microphone for training.
** Click Here to See Arise Virtual Solutions Headset Telephone Requirements
You do not need a separate USB headset! Simply choose the option to add a USB cord to the Pro, Air or Flex Series Telephones. *Optional USB cord for training not available with the Eco Series Telephone.

Your connection to your customers/clients is the most important part of your job. Our professional grade, complete headset telephones are made specifically for Arise Virtual Agents.

Flex Headset TelephoneWe recommend for Arise Virtual Agents:

Flex Series Complete Headset Telephone

Good looking and great sounding, the Flex Series is the rock star of headset telephones! Available in single ear or dual ear wearing styles, the Flex Series headsets are designed for years and years of heavy use, comfortable wearing and superior noise canceling, featuring a quick disconnect cord allowing you to easily unplug the headset from the dial pad or to add the optional USB cord if you need to plug into your computer.

The Flex Series is our only line of headsets that offers wide band technology enabling crystal clear communications for telephone calls via VoIP.

Choose the Flex Series Headsets if you want Exceptional Sound and Style!

OUR PRICE: $90.00

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Or choose any of our Arise "Home Agent Approved" headset telephones:

Eco Series Headset Telephone System Eco Series Headset Telephone

  • Entry Level, Budget Friendly
  • Single or Dual Ear
  • Noise Canceling
  • NO Optional USB Cord for Training

Regular Price: $70.00
OUR PRICE: $65.00

Pro Series Headset Telephone System Pro Series Headset Telephone

  • Time Tested Durability
  • Single, Dual Ear or Convertable
  • Noise Canceling
  • USB cord for training optional!

Regular Price: $85.00
OUR PRICE: $80.00

Air Series Headset Telephone Air Series Headset Telephone

  • Super Lightweight Comfort
  • Single or Dual Ear
  • Noise Canceling
  • USB cord for training optional!

Regular Price: $90.00
OUR PRICE: $85.00