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Questions about our Home Agent Headsets? Take a look at some of the FAQ's about our products. If you still need help please contact us for more information.
QUESTION: Which headset telephone series should I choose?
ANSWER: All of our headset series are special. Check out our handy side-by-side comparison to find just the right headset for you... more info
QUESTION: What is the difference between the DA202 and DA207 Telephone Dial Pads?
ANSWER: Both the 3003(DA202) and 3004(DA207) have the same function but the 3004 adds a splash of color and can accept 2 headsets for training. It also features computer key board style buttons. Both units feature volume and mute control and can plug in to a modem with a phone jack. more info
QUESTION: Do I need a telephone to use your products?
ANSWER: You do not need a telephone to use our products as they ARE single line telephones designed specifically for home office use. All you need is a working telephone line. more info
QUESTION: What about the Plantronics T10? Do you sell that unit?

At this time, the Plantronics T10 has been discontinued by the manufacturer and they have yet to produce a replacement unit.

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QUESTION: Do your headset telephones have a mute button?
ANSWER: Yes! All of our headset telephone units feature a mute button.
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QUESTION: I need a USB headset for training. Do you sell USB headsets?
ANSWER: We do offer USB headset as well as a USB cord that will adapt our headset telephones to work with a laptop or computer. You may not need a separate USB headset! more info
QUESTION: How do I connect your headset telephone to the wall? Do I need a special plug/outlet?
ANSWER: No special plug or adapter is needed... more info
QUESTION: Do you sell just headsets without a dial pad unit?
ANSWER: Our headset telephone units are designed to work perfectly together.. more info
QUESTION: Do you sell wireless headset telephones?
ANSWER: A corded telephone is required by most all work at home employers... more info
QUESTION: How do I set up the dial pad?
ANSWER: Simply plug the supplied 5 foot line cord into the phone outlet and headset into the dial pad and you’re set to go... more info
QUESTION: Why do I need the dial pad?
ANSWER: The dial pad IS a phone and can replace or be used with any existing corded office desk phone ... more info