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Complete headset telephones and accessories for WAHMs.

I’m Monica, owner of www.HomeAgentHeadsets.com, providing complete headset telephones and accessories to home workers.

Having worked from home since 1998 on everything from customer service as an Arise CSP, legal transcription, medical billing, to web design and small business consultation, I've found that using a telephone headset allows me to be more productive and has saved my neck from aches and p
Several years ago I found myself in search of a comfortable, professional, affordable headset telephone for my home office. I had a difficult time finding just the right setup. Eventually, I found just what I was looking for and decided to offer these products to other work at home agents and home office business owners.

The headset telephones we sell are specifically made for home office workers. The headsets can be used with the included telephone dial pad or an optional USB cord for computer use, eliminating the need for purchasing two separate headsets.

We offer several styles of headsets, in both one ear and two ear models. They are all noise canceling, high-quality products. The dial pads are corded and come in two styles, standard or computer style, and feature mute and volume control. They are completely professional models and are comparable to those sold by Plantronics, Smith Corona, VXI and other popular headset manufacturers.

Really, I believe in these products and think your home agents will love them, too.